Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Writtle Experiments Again in September

Interesting pop up radio station arriving in Writtle next month, a village just west of Chelmsford, in Essex UK. From 11-8th September 2012, a special construction will be erected in the public field shown above on the site where radio started in the UK. There will be daily live broadcasts from 17-1830 UTC/GMT on 87.8 MHz FM and online. (I wonder if that frequency is right since it's slightly outside the FM band from 88-108 MHz. It reminds me of the Radio Manuela artistic station that was at Picnic 2009. They got in as press and sat in the corner interviewing people and broadcasting on a low-power station on 109 MHz. 109?... yes Wish we had more of these type of initiatives here in the Netherlands. But pop up stations are rare.

The organisers have published a list of participating artists for the project. These include 

Action Pyramid, All Saints Bellringers, Peter Appleton, Kevin Atherton, Ruth Beale, Brandon Le Belle, Pablo Bronstein, Ronald Blythe, Edwin Burdis, Clout!, David R Conroy, Benedict Drew, Max Eastely, Guy Gormley, Jonathan Griffin, Gwyneth Jones, Sarah Jury, Kwesachu, Heather Phillipson, Cathy Lane, Mark Leckey, David Levy, Kieron Livingstone, Longmeg. Resonance Radio Orchestra, Roger Luckhurst, Andrew McGettigan, Fabian Peake, Katrina Palmer, Hannah Sawtell, Richard Scott, David Toop, Top Nice, Jonny Trunk, Tim Wander, Marina Warner, Jonathan P Watts, Tom Woolner, Writtle Voices and Jan Zalasiewicz.

On Saturday 15th September, the content will be curated for a public field audience at the structure and a radio audience. A coach will provide transport between London and the radio structure. Pick up 5pm, Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green, return at 10.30pm. e-mail to reserve a place (tickets £8 return, payable on the coach).


Jim Davies said...

I reckon the frequency probably is correct. I believe the UK only officially use 88-108 but my car tunes down to 87.5 and you can sometimes hear short-term community type stations down there, as well as continental stations when the weather is "right".

Jonathan Marks said...

Thanks for the feedback Jim. I guess you're right - will find out in September.