Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Searching for More Remarkable Mouths for Radio

Haven't seen very good TV commercials promoting radio recently. Although I thought it was amazing how a station in Lithuania reworked the famous Chuck Blore "Remarkable Mouth" syndicated commercials from the mid 1970's to fit their radio station. It's one thing to lipdub in your own language - but Lithuanian? These ads were apparently first made in 1975 by Blore to promote the radio side of the WTAE media properties in Pittsburgh. This according to the Encylopedia of Radio by Chris Sterling. The same script was revived in 2001 by Blore for similar commercials in Russia, Ireland, UK and Venezuela, apparently.

The same script has been reworked for over 25 years. Does anyone know of another radio commercial with such a long lifetime?

It guess that Kelly Harmon, Symba Smith, Debbie Shelton and other actresses must have practised forever to get that lipsynced so convincingly. Just try it.

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