Thursday, August 30, 2012

Curious to know more....Emergency.Lu

Interesting press release from SES, the company I grew up calling Astra. I discovered this interesting release on their website.

The Luxembourg ministry of foreign affairs, together with the Luxembourg Civil Protection and the World Food Programme, planned to set up the Emergency Telecommunication Cluster and signed a contract with SES in the frame of the ‘’ programme. The platform is designed to quickly re-establish communications in remote areas isolated by natural disasters or other emergency situations. 
The platform addresses two vital requirements in emergency situations: rapid deployment on site to cover the communications needs in the first 72 hours, and control & management capability allowing quick and efficient sharing of information about the situation on site.
The platform is based on a global hub infrastructure and satellite capacity, both provided by SES. With hubs already deployed in Betzdorf (Luxembourg), Manassas (USA) and Hong Kong (PRC) the system is operational.
Unfortunately, the video explaining it all is currently broken. Hope they fix it fast. Have told them.

Update: website seems to be working now: September 6th 2012

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