Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is Final Cut Pro Ready for Prime Time Broadcast Work

A year after Apple introduced Final Cut Pro X. I've revisited the program to see whether I should start using it more often. I couldn't get the hang of the workflow - and frankly there wasn't enough time on hand to learn. Besides, so much wasn't finished.

As David Fox has now published in the August issue of TVB-Europe, there are some useful and cheap third party apps which help the migration process. My biggest complaint was that all the legacy projects in FCP 7 (there were no versions 8 and 9) could not be imported into FCP X (it's pronounced 10 not X).

To get an overview of what changed, take a look at this video from the London Supermeet 2011 with Larry Jordan. David Fox's excellent article deals with what has been improved in the subsequent five updates to the program.

Although there has been improvement, I continue to think that small NGO's using it for simple edits will prefer it to iMovie. Newsrooms have looked and found other solutions. My guess is that Apple still doesn't really doesn't care.

This parody out really outlines to problem Apple has created for itself, if in fact its really interested in keeping the Pro in Final Cut Pro X.

With ironic commentary a cleverly montaged "Steve Jobs"

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