Sunday, August 19, 2012

Using Your Voice to Create a Band - Seriously

My son Chris pointed out that the Wavemachine labs of Chicago that I mentioned last week, also have an incredible iPhone/iPad app which is ideal for musicians and singers interested in songwriting - but lacking the ability to play all the instruments. The app is called Voiceband and costs a massive US$1.99 - i.e. they are giving it away. It turns your voice into a variety of instruments and then records the results on the phone or iPad. You can also sing along to songs that are already on your device. Your voice is triggering a real sampled musical instrument. Yes there are programs that have done this ages ago. But not for two bucks. Does it work? Yes, perfectly. And you can connect an external microphone if you really want to add spectacular vocals. Skip through this demonstration video once you get the hang of what they're doing.

or take this other example from Linden Christ.

See what I mean? Imagine what would have happened if the bands of the 70's had access to this kind of technology. Jim Cutler referred me to a great "making of" video which shows how the band 10cc used long tape loops to get vocal effects on their song "I'm not in love". This appears to be an illustrated radio interview  - but very nicely done.

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