Sunday, October 21, 2007

Web 2.0 Disaster

The old Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco seems to be the home of very strange Internet conferences these days. It is more a collection of performances in the ballrooms, and great conversations outside in the corridors. I gave up on Supernova in 2005, also held in the Palace, because it got stuck in a format with the same gang of performers on stage. The quality of the conversations in the corridor were much better - but didn't justify the trip half way across the world.

The same venue was used for Web 2.0 last week and some of the presentations were posted on Blip-TV. I am so glad I didn't add to my carbon footprint by flying across 9 time zones to sit in a ballroom and watch one of the world's worst interviewers. Just watch John Battelle "interviewing" Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. John is so busy showing off to the audience he's not getting the best out of his interviewees at all. You feel sorry for people sitting in the interviewee's chair, even when you shouldn't be. It is such a bad interviewing technique I am using it in class to show people how NOT to do an conversation on stage.

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