Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mobuzz Does News in Spanish

Interesting to see a news site for mobiles has appeared in Spain. Following on from the success of Mobuzz lifestyle news, they're trying out news coverage or rather news compliation taken from other sources and illustrated with graphics.

Frankly, I don't think a news format works for such a small but creative organisation. You can't do serious news digest just once a day and the presenter must keep her hands still unless she's also going to do the show in sign-language for the deaf.

Formatwise, however, they can teach a lot to the struggling public broadcasters in Spain, still operating in the last century. May be it is just a stick to prod them.

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Nillo86 said...

Well, you need to know the insight to the story. The male presentor is a very well known TV broadcast media guy with potential to attract a big punch of mass media audience: Javier Capitan. The news compilation is actually a humor make up, where politicians' voices are doubled with those of traditional radio comediants, active in the main Spanish radio stations for over 25 years, namely Javier Capitan (the same TV guy) and Luis Figuerola-Ferretti