Monday, October 29, 2007

Commercial US radio fading?

Inside Radio and several other sources have been pointing to US analysts being rather down on the prospects for the commercial radio market in 2008.

Bear Stearns analyst Victor Miller projects radio will have another "challenging" year as revenues hold flat with "many forces on either side of the scale." Miller says "One of the biggest positives for local radio in 2008 is that there will likely be fewer negatives." On the plus side are more political dollars and increasing web revenues, but many US radio have really played down their web development so far. A number of companies say they're reallocating dollars from radio operations to their new media effort because, says one CBS Radio manager, "That's where we think the growth is going to be."

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lou josephs said...

With google selling radio AD time for many US groups, and web advertising on a track to net more this year than radio. That tells the story.