Sunday, October 14, 2007

A good word for Jim

Good voice acting is actually very difficult. There are few with the natural "pipes" that don't sound forced. I was really fortunate to work with Jim Cutler back in my days presenting Media Network for Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Jim is still very active on stations around the world and definitely in the same league as the other voice actors shown below.

Why? Because he's able to read a text in about 50 different ways. In fact that makes him better than many of the movie trailer guys, who sound great for about a minute, but they can't narrate a documentary because everything they do is "forte", there's little or no dynamic in their voices. Jim, on the other hand, makes even your own driving licence sound interesting!

Which reminds me, I must montage a great interview I did with Jim back in 2005 about his love of astronomy.

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