Friday, October 05, 2007

Not quite

Testing a HD satellite receiver at long last...I set it up months ago to watch the BBC HD transmissions, but never really explored some of the other functionality. And, by accident, hit the subtitles on BBC 1. Pre-recorded programmes are obviously transcribed by hand. But live shows like news are subtitled using "intelligent" software that tries to do speech to text conversion on the fly. For the most part, it is pretty good. They drop credits from pieces (Bob Taylor, BBC News in Thailand) so as to keep up with the items. But there are some odd mistakes which I couldn't put down to bad annunciation by the presenter. The machine made "music" into "muse sick" during the piece about the woman in the USA who's been fined for pirating music. And penalize was turned into "peep liez". Made the news even more entertaining than it already is today - what with the resignations over the Queen video report.

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