Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TNT-Post - The last ten years?

Postal strike in the UK? We should be so lucky. I tried to post a letter yesterday at a small post-office in the village. The lady said she was no longer allowed to sell individual stamps, unless the value of the package was over Euro 1.13. You can buy a book of stamps - minimum is 5. The argument was "you can't buy tissues individually, so that now applies to stamps".

Added to the fact that TNT-Post seems to put letterboxes in the most stupid locations (usually places where you cannot wait, let alone park), I realise that if they ever went bust, I wouldn't really care. Parcels come with much better courier services than TNT (who can tell when they will deliver - TNT never knows where the hell a package is). All the general post delivers these days to my place is junk mail and bills. If the banks finally get their act together with electronic billing, then snail mail can go the way of the telegram....quietly fading away.

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