Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Poikos Takes Vienna by Storm

Eleanor Watson wins Vienna with Poikos. (Some rights reserved. Photo by Heisenberg Media)
Great news from the Austrian capital. Startupbootcamp Alumnus Poikos picked up its second major award in a single month. I've been working closely with Eleanor on deconstructing and building their story over the last six months.

Mike Butcher of Techcrunch fills us in with the details.

The Pioneers Festival kicked off in Vienna this week and by the looks of the 2,300 attendees at the amazing Hofburg Imperial palace, the conference is shaping up to be a stand-out event in Europe, not least because it is enormously upbeat and positive. Something we need more of in Europe. With a palace as a setting, art installations and a Croatian-born electric super car in the foyer (the Rimac), this is quite a ‘European’ event. The location of Vienna also means it’s attracting a lot of German, Austrian, Central, Eastern and Southern European startups. Hell, they can drive or get a train here from just about anywhere in Europe.

Poikos a startup with a technology for imaging and measuring the body in 3D, was the overall winner in the startup competition, winning €25,000 in prize money. Klash won the audience choice. Helioz won second place and BeamApp won third place. 

Applause for Poikos in Vienna, Austria (Some rights reserved. Photo by Heisenberg Media)
Their winning pitch: Poikos is a computer vision systems house which has developed a revolutionary patent-‐pending technology for imaging and measuring the body in 3D, using consumer grade hardware such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. We are developing a platform for the delivery of our technology to partners within the fitness, entertainment, health and e-‐commerce sectors, for a range of amazing new capabilities across all industries. The processing is cloud-‐based, and we have worked with to ensure the scalability of our infrastructure. In terms of revenue, we charge app developers service and support charges on-‐going, commensurate with use. For corporate clients, we have an expected revenue-‐based licensing fee structure. We already have some of the largest e-‐commerce companies in Europe and beyond signed up to license our technology. We have massive interest from the bespoke apparel, and also health & lifestyle sectors.

Eleanor tweeted from Vienna. And we'd like to add congratulations from all your Startupbootcamp colleagues.

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