Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Great TED(x) Parodies have Begun

As I have blogged before, TEDx needs to move forward to become part of TED.2.0. It has turned from a messy brand into a rather chaotic one. We're told there are now 17,000 videos on the TEDx part of the site. Does anyone have the time to curate this resource into something more sensible. Would we miss it if the entire library burned to the ground?

It’s all about curating a single event, and the conversation seems to stop immediately afterwards. Follow-up is extremely difficult. The ideas worth doing programme has collapsed. I believe part of the problem is that everything is done by volunteers and that it has become so dependent on sponsors who seem to have forgotten why all these conferences have sprung up. It needs a core of professionals and a clear list of what they will NOT try to achieve. The resources at are great – except for the reasoning WHY a TEDx conference should be held. It's sad, but it's going wrong....

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