Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day After Tomorrow

Wonder if people have been watching The Day After Tomorrow while on their day off. The scenes in that movie have some eery connections with what has actually happened in the last two days on the US East Coast. But it also shows how poorly many of the US media cover these kinds of disasters. Especially when compared to countries like Australia who also have to deal with Bush fires as well as floods.

Actually getting a lot of info from the feeds from Jim Cutler, who been doing voiceover work from his home studio despite losing power and the Internet connection.

We're ok. Quick update. We got hit hard. We're fully working on generator and driving once an hour to a nearby hotspot that's working, for sending our work. Then repeat and drive again the next hour. Tons of trees down overnight in the dark. All 3 commercial internets taken out. A Couple of major NYC radio stations are off the air. Water in the NYC tunnels. Ground Zero memorial flooded. The sun just came out as I sit here in a parking lot at the internet hotspot. So things are looking up. We're working 100% and ok.

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