Thursday, October 04, 2012

Singing About Further Cuts to Public Broadcasting?

Yesterday's US debate was very quickly "songified" by the Gregory Brothers. I note they picked up on Mitt's very clear promise to end the government subsidy to PBS ( and I presume National Public Radio too).

Frankly, I thought the public TV host Jim Lehrer did a really lousy job of moderating. Imagine if Jeremy Paxman had  been there instead? Although Lehrer did little to interrupt the candidates, it was because he was never really in control of either of them. Twitter followers described him as rather like a substitute school teacher - monitoring how much time people had rather than giving a robust lead. And why did they bother with an audience if they weren't allowed to say anything...not even to react?  PBS confirmed it's image of being one of the world's weakest public networks. Definitely Lehrer's last debate. He must be regretting the day he decided to come out of semi-retirement.

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