Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Privacy versus Publicy Debate: the next 3 years

I'm currently experimenting with various online services to see what's the best way to organize an on-line discussion and capture it for later use (i.e. in a YouTube channel). I admire what TWIT.TV has built in Northern California. They make extensive use of Skype. But I don't understand why they don't make more use of the technology that sponsors them, GotoMeeting. Experimenting with my colleague and friend Gerd Leonhard, it appears that you can't record the HDVideo in GotoMeeting, only the presentations being shared. That means you need to mess around with other software packages like Screenflow to capture the conversation. There are challenges in syncing the sound later.

The next phase of the experiments in the Critical Distance MediaLab (for want of a better name) takes place on Friday October 26th. "Digital Vertigo" author Andrew Keen and Futurist Gerd Leonhard will debate the next three years of our networked society. And if you sign-up for their live session at 1600 hrs UTC (6 pm in Central Europe, 5 pm London), you can contribute your own questions, either in the chat or via your webcam. If you want to participate then sign-up now because space in the chat room is limited to 100. The live debate will be recorded and posted on YouTube for others to see.

Need to Prep up on these guys?

Andrew Keen at The Next Web Amsterdam, April 2012. 

Andrew Keen, is a British-American writer and entrepreneur, currently based in California. He is sometimes referred to as the Anti-Christ of Silicon Valley, often fiercely attacking social media, the 'cult of the amateur' (also the title of one of his books), crowd-sourcing and the so-called wisdom of the crowds. His latest book is called 'Digital Vertigo' and can be found here. I actually bought the Audible version because Andrew reads it himself.

Gerd Leonhard on a trip to Critical Distance HQ

Gerd Leonhard is a futurist, keynote speaker, author and CEO of TheFuturesAgency, based in Switzerland. He is a proponent of what he calls 'The Networked Society', the SoLoMo internet (social, local, mobile) and freemium business models. He foresees great opportunities in the global empowerment of creators and consumers powered by digital technology. His latest book is 'The future of Content" and can be found on Amazon.

What's going to happen this Friday?

Andrew and Gerd will present some of their key insights for approx. 10-15 minutes each, and will then debate the most crucial issues such as what privacy means in a connected world, whether 'the crowds' are actually being empowered or not, what the future role of social media will be, what the true meaning of a networked society is, and what the media landscape will look like, in the future.

Get ready for some serious sparring - which will also involve the participants, both via messages and chat as well as via audio intervention (audience members in the chat room will be invited to contribute by the moderator).

This seminar will be recorded - please be aware of this fact if you are invited to speak during the session. You can view some of the previous recordings here:

This session is limited to 100 people so please sign up early; most importantly please log-in at least 30 mins prior to the starting time.

More about Andrew:

Even More about Gerd
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