Monday, October 08, 2012

Tom Tom Answers Back

Interesting debate started by Doc Searls in the light of the recent Apple Maps fiasco. Why can't we pay for maps - and then demand a better service? That is certainly the case in the Netherlands, where some apps that I have used for navigation have become useless after recent updates. I've stopped relying on the information provided by for instance, after the app sent me off in all the wrong directions on too many occasions. The last straw was when it took 18 pages to print out the directions from Huizen to Haarlem. He also made a video for the Wall Street Journal as well as authoring an article.

Much of the press has referred to Apple getting their navigation data from Tom Tom, even though the problem of the inaccuracies is due to the way Apple manipulates the data rather than Tom Tom's original mapping. Tom Tom seems to be counteracting with an amusing campaign . Wonder if it was filmed at their Amsterdam offices? Not sure since I've never been inside.

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