Thursday, May 01, 2014

Media Network vintage podcast.21.09.2000 DRM Test Results & Bombshell announcement

I note some recent discussions about the future of DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale - not digital rights management). The current discussion often makes it sound like DRM is new. In fact, the tests go back to 1996. This programme broadcast in September 2000 was probably the most comprehensive programme we did, letting people hear the difference between analogue and digital shortwave.
I personally believe that the window of opportunity closed shortly afterwards. Of course, putting it back on shortwave defeated the object, but we knew that there might be opportunities later (though we didn't foresee podcasting). This was also the programme where I announced that Media Network was to end as a radio show. Got some immediate reaction via e-mail that it sounded like a bombshell. I recall about 1500 reactions in total. Co-host Diana Janssen had left Radio Netherlands for a career with Forrester Research and I could see the international sound broadcasting business was fading fast. We decided it was better to end the radio show on a high note.

This episode is hosted on the Media Network vintage vault along with several hundred other programmes from the period 1980-2000. 

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