Thursday, May 01, 2014

Media Network Vintage Podcast.18.05.2000 Being in two places at once London/Hilversum

This is a vintage edition of Media Network, a programme I produced and hosted together with Diana Janssen and a whole network of faithful contributors, often members of our audience. I've now released old editions for research purposes, since it shows that a lot of ideas about the way out media has developed were quite well advanced 20 years ago - they were just too early.

The first part of this programme comes from Earls Court in London, from what used to be called the Cable and Satellite convention. We explain why broadband DSL is going to revolutionize the Internet experience. (spot on there). Victor Goonetilleke joins us in the second part of an indepth interview, this time looking at Internet access in South Asia.

This episode is hosted on the Media Network vintage vault

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