Sunday, May 25, 2014

Media Network Vintage Podcast; 03.03.1994 Visit to World Radio Network London

This edition of Media Network is just over 20 years old. I found myself in London and decided to visit the facilities of World Radio Network who had the idea of bundling international broadcasters by language rather than country. Co-founder Karl Miosga (pictured) showed me round the facility, which in those days, was in the Strand, very near to Bush House. I think the concept worked in the days before the Internet rather destroyed the business model of satellite delivered radio. It is so difficult to do on-demand via satellite. Which is obviously what you are doing now. WRN are still around, though they moved to a different part of London.

I see that a video made by Eric Wiltsher is also on YouTube which was made around the same time with Karl. The audio is out of sync, but you get to see what Karl is talking about, something I can't do on the radio. It is a festival of analogue receiver technology.

Got to know Carl through is earlier work at the start of BBC Radio 5 (before it was BBC Radio 5 Live). Lost touch, and I don't see his name on the WRN masthead any more.

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