Monday, December 31, 2012

Bringing Radio Back to the People

Omroep Brabant - serving Eindhoven from a research campus

This is a really old edition of Media Network, from November 1986 when I visited what was then called Stad Radio Amsterdam. Since then, I don't believe Amsterdam has really been the success story of local public broadcasting. Stations in Rotterdam and Eindhoven sound a lot closer to the people than AT5.

Radio Noord Holland. Out of site, out of mind
In the Netherlands, there seems to be a policy of building regional public broadcasters on industrial estates. Yes, it's cheap land. But it doesn't encourage close contact with the people.  Radio stations, in particular, need to be seen operating as well as heard. Look at the success of campaigns like the Glass House or the Radio 2 cafe in Hilversum, Holland. Out of site means definitely out of mind. Which these days means out of business.

Check out this episode!

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