Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 8 of 8

This is the last chapter in the 8 part series telling the story of Radio Netherlands focusing on the English language department. With Pete Myers as your guide we focus on our present decade as it draws to a close. This final episode for was broadcast by several stations, including Radio Netherlands, on December 3rd 1997. It is presented here purely for academic interest. The programme was researched and presented by Pete Myers and Luc Lucas. I supplied some of the recordings from the Media Network archive.

At the end of the 19th century, Oscar Wilde wrote that the only duty we have to history is to re-write it. When this decade is done I wonder what will have changed in the perception of Radio Netherlands in 1990's and the role it played in international broadcasting. The English service signed off in June 2012 ( found some other photos below than were published on the blog earlier).

Let me draw your attention to the last part of this programme, where we projected what might happen at the start of the new Millennium. In fact, it all came to pass. I still firmly believe that great international broadcasting needs an emotional context in order to bridge the cultural and political barriers. Without it, there doesn't seem much point any more. Interesting that a simple emotional video on YouTube this Christmas went viral within a couple of hours - 4 millions views and counting. Nothing changes!

 The days of any form of effective government-driven propaganda are over. Actually, I would argue that government radio has never been effective, especially internationally. People share ideas with people, not government public relations officers.

RNW Continuity on Closedown Day June 29th 2012

The Last Transmissions Ready to Go Out

Entrance to the Newsroom - Now empty

The last paper script

Jonathan Groubert signs off

Sound Engineer Ronald Hoffman - in red-  (who worked on this series with Pete Myers in 1997) at the closedown

Close the faders

and goodbye. Onward to other things...

Check out this episode!

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