Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Radio Netherlands - A Golden Anniversary - Part 6 of 8

Veronica Wilson of Radio Netherlands Afroscene Programme
The sixth part of the history of Radio Netherlands was originally broadcast on October 1st 1997. It's presented here for academic interest.

Radio Netherlands got a shock awakening in the seventies from its cocoon of request shows and Holland promotion. Pete Myers opens with words which could equally well apply to 2012. It was the decade of the attacks on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 and the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The age of the common man had passed to become the age of the common crook. The US pulled out of Saigon. A Dutch correspondent was one of the last to leave Vietnam. No baggage allowed. Was Dr Spock was the architect of the permissive society? Spock says it was connected to his opposition to the war in Vietnam. ABBA wins the Eurovision Contest in 1974. 

After some internal opposition, Radio Netherlands added news and introduced current affairs coverage with Afroscene.

Tom Meyer took over Eddy Startz at the helm of the Happy Station interviewing the Dutch band Shocking Blue. Roger Broadbent, later head of Radio Netherlands English Department says farewell to Fritz Greveling, the fourth DX editor of DX Juke Box. Roger Broadbent later went on to a career at Radio Australia in Melbourne.

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