Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time to Escape from the strangehold of yet another Eurovision Song Contest?

I see a massive 14,000 (sic) people (so far) have watched the press conference on Youtube of last night's winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. It has become so bad, that I wonder if winning it is really good for a singing career. And because the public broadcaster of the winning country has to host (and pay) for the show next year, I hope STV has deep pockets. At least it's back in Europe. Frankly, after hearing the discussion on the BBC's Media Show, (note that link expires shortly) I wonder how the EBU can continue to defend the expense. Although there won't be the same political controversy next year, I am sure that the Eurocrisis will put further pressure on the EBU to be questioning the ESC's future. Is it a cultural icon that can only be done by Europe's public broadcasters? Of course not. And if major stations like BBC and RNE support it in such a half hearted way, isn't it becoming a huge waste of public money? The BBC Media show cast doubt on the relevance of the EBU as whole if it continues like this.

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