Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Silent Sneezing Radio - Gesundheit

Saw this silent movie on Vimeo and got curious. Especially as it has no sound. Turns out its a project from UK artist James Chambers. He's brilliant.

His blog gives us the answer.

A radio sits on a shelf, gathering dust. If it goes unused for a long period of time, the dust can ultimately cause it to stop working. The Gesundheit Radio solves this problem by periodically cleaning itself out with a mechanical 'sneeze' (the sneeze can also be trigger manually).

Although the project was completed in 2010, there are other interesting intelligent devices on James' website.
UPDATE: I note that this entry in my blog has suddlenly got a lot of traffic from the US. If you have found this entry in July 2012, then you might also want to explore other radio entries on this blog, written by someone who still has a love of radio but is concerned about its future. A selection of recent posts is here. Enjoy and thanks for visiting. Comments always welcome.

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