Monday, July 20, 2009

BBC World Service Live Recording

It is strange how we come to accept broadcast jargon in the English language. I see on the programme for TED Global which kicks off today in Oxford that the BBC World Service is going to do a live recording. Does that mean no retakes? In similar events at the FAO in Rome, the live recording was ruined at the end by the presenter being forced to do retakes for different editions of the programme with the audience still there. We were told that if we left the acoustics would change.

Bridget Kendall presents The Forum on WS. It's two 28 minute segments, so I guess they must be recording material for a couple of editions today live to disc.

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David said...

afaik The Forum is an hour-long programme, a few minutes cut off for news and ads. The podcast of the programme is always about 50 minutes long: