Monday, July 27, 2009

BBC Arabic Countdown

There's quite a fan group of people collecting and remixing BBC World News countdowns. They have taken the music from the new BBC Arabic version and montaged it on the English BBC World News countdown. But the original pictures on the new BBC Arabic countdown still look more stunning than anything I have seen in English or Persian. Looks like a million dollars. May be that's why fans have started remixing it.

Chinese TV seem to be launching an Arabic language channel too, although this is the quietest soft launch on the planet. I wonder whether it will be as slick, or whether people will want to remix CCTV?

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David said...

I agree that the pictures from BBC Arabic are stunning, but they seem to have little to do with news and more like those ads on CNN from various "Visit Country X" organizations. I think it would be more fitting it the pictures in the countdown more closely matched the content which the countdown was introducing.

The other problem I have with the countdown as it is used on BBC World News is that nothing spectacular happens when the clock finally gets to zero...often there is a long gap. It would make more sense to me if the newsreader started with the headlines exactly when the clock reached zero.