Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ghana - Africa Revisited

Link: sevenload.com

June Arunga spoke at DLD- though the video is still hidden on the site. She fully understands that she needs to stay in Africa and build the new Ghana from the ground up. Her vision is to achieve economic growth and productivity with own forces. And she is putting her own money in such projects such as mobile payment.

The African mobile telecommunication market - which has been backed by imports of Chinese handsets is the fastest growing mobile telecommunication market worldwide. Knowing that 90% of the Africans neither have a bank account nor a recognised street address, June sees a great business opportunity in offering mobile payments. People can buy pre-paid cards with their cash and trade and pay with their cell phones across African borders into neighbouring Togo and even into Benin and Nigeria. Together with partners - independent from any bank and government - she has founded a company and is just starting this service in Accra.

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