Friday, January 12, 2007

Noorderslag Panel 2007

 Great to be on a panel this afternoon on the future of radio. This time it is at the excellent Noorderslag Music conference up in Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. After yesterday's terrific storm, it was actually a pleasant 90 minute drive up here this morning. Groningen is a student city and well known as an excellent host for this music festival a Left is George Ergatoudis who is Head of Music for BBC Radio 1. He's busy trying to develop new services for Radio 1, but at the same time wrestling with the music labels who just want to prevent progress. To the right is Gerd Leonhard, Music & Media Futurist, Author and Digital Music Entrepreneur, who gave a truly excellent, updated keynote at Noorderslag this year about why the music industry HAS to change - and why Digital Rights Management has about 7 months left. He also pointed out that whilst many people are using iTunes as their search engine for music, relatively few are buying music from the iTunes store. Less than 20 tracks per iPod have actually be downloaded from Apple...most are sideloaded from (free) MP3 sites. There are now several groups that are totally fed up with the fact that both Apple and Microsoft's Zune wrap their own version of DRM around what is YOUR purchased content. Posted by Picasa

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