Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Just got rid of my (Gas Guzzling) BMW - so it was ironic for me to find a big BMW outside the hotel for a test drive. This one is different through - its runs on liquid hydrogen and is one of a small fleet of test cars being tested in Southern Germany. There was little difference in performance between H2 and ordinary petrol, the main difference being that when on hydrogen, the exhaust gas is simply water vapour. At the moment quite a lot of energy is put in to making the liquid hydrogen. The 5 "gas" stations in Germany have had some special modifications and the insulation on the tank inside the car is so good that a cup of coffee put into such a tank today would still be piping hot in a years' time. Currently, BMW seems to be betting on hydrogen. They're also sponsoring the DLD conference I'm attending at the moment.

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