Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bloggerbot - what's the deal?

Just noticed this little message if you try to upload a photo via Hello to a Blogger site. Funny, cause 8 days into the New Year and it is still working. But what will happen to photos that are already on the Bloggerbot? Will they be scrubbed? Strange that there's no mention of this anywhere - that I can find at least.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and it is a sham that the hello-connection disappears, it works great. I think the bloggerbot is not better :(

Anonymous said...

Blogger going away?
But not before exploring the full potential of advertising on blogger.com... I am convinced that either Blogger will disappear in the future or it will be flooded with advertisments.

Look at stuff like the yahoo web pages, they were great in the beginning but these types of free web pages now start to become 'spam channels' with pop-up ads that you cannot get rid of.

There are two business cases for Blogger: 1) annoy people with lousy pop-up ads or 2) charge people for there services.
One does not work (and I mean 1). The other has great potential with different subscription rates for customers with different demands.

There's no such thing as a free lunch ...

Jonathan Marks said...

No, Blogger isn't going away...a program for uploading photos via Picasa is drawing its last breath.