Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bulbs to be Banned

I note from BBC news that a Californian politician is aiming to bring in a law banning the sale of traditional light bulbs in the state by 2012. The new style energy-saving fluorescent lights and LED bulbs would continue to be sold instead.

Because of local offers in the Netherlands, I have replaced most of the halogen spots at home and in the office - the energy consumption is now 25% of what it was. I did try some LED bulbs, but they didn't give enough light output, although they do climb to their brightest faster than the fluorescent ones. They don't work well in the bathroom where you need a lot of light for a short time.

I see California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine plans to introduce legislation this week called the How Many Legislators Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb Act. Bearing in mind 20% of the US electricity consumption goes into lighting, this is a good move. I am surprised that Philips has not been more active in the LED bulbs for domestic consumption. They have made press releases, but not put bulbs in the shops.

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