Monday, January 22, 2007

Esme Vos & Anina

Bumped into two charming women on the train-ride from the airport to downtown Munich. Both are based in Amsterdam and both are very active in technology. Esme is the driving force behind open municipal broadband projects worldwide that are funded or supported by cities and towns, especially those projects that incorporate wireless technologies. These range from downtown hot-zones & city- and county-wide wireless broadband networks, to country-wide deployments.

The last time I saw Anina she was at Les Blogs 2, in which she made considerable publicity for her blog and her modelling work. Having moved from Paris to Amsterdam to persue her modelling career, she's now done a deal with NOKIA and made some amazing photos with the N-series cameras. Check out the site at 360Fashion. I was amazed about what this lady knows about network protocol and production technology.

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