Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No Connection or Clue

It is clear that people who design airline websites never need to use them. They invent all sorts of forms which have to be filled in completely otherwise you don't get the information you're looking for. And then you discover the information you need is not available.

Here is the situation. I flew to Barcelona with KLM. While in Barcelona my laptop failed, so I no longer had the e-mail with the e-ticket number, although I did put the KLM reservation number in my PDA. I logged onto the KLM website (using my FD password). The website would only tell me the time of the return flight. It would not tell me the e-ticket number so I could book a seat on the plane. I assume that since I had already entered a secure part of the website, that this e-ticket number is not a security threat. So why doesn't it work?

Then I made a mistake. I called the FD helpdesk in Holland. After 8 minutes they answered. Nope...they can't tell you the e-ticket number over the phone, even though they asked me 2 security questions to establish my identity. It should be called the Unhelpful Desk. Platinum Elite Status means absolutely nothing.

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