Sunday, April 24, 2005

KLM Doesn't Get It

Just got a reply from KLM about why they don't connect their Flying Dutchman programme to their e-ticketing system. The answer, I have to conclude, is that the Flying Dutchman part of their website is totally insecure for transactions. You have to log in with a password, but that is not enough it would seem to gain access to your e-ticket number. Amazing! Or they didn't bother to investigate the problem...more likely. See a copy of the original entry "No Clue" below. The last lines in the e-mail remind me of the actor that also reads his own stage directions. No wonder they are getting rid of the Flying Dutchman programme in a couple of months. It is going to be called Flying Blue. I wonder which airline will start its own blog to share customer experiences and co-create a better flying experience? I have the blog title already. Flying Blues.

Dear Mr Marks,

We thank you for your e-mail.

An e-ticket is safe and secured in our database only so when a passenger loses the number he only can retrieve it via phone or e-mail that is received. If we use only a booking code we make it more easy for fraud. Therefor we only use a personal e-ticket numbers to avoid fraud. We hope we informed you sufficiently.

With kind regards,
KLM E-Service Desk
Alex Vlugman

Original Message Follows:
Dear Colleague,

Please handle at yours.

Regards, Petra SPL/MB

-----Original Message-----
From: KLM Customer Care Netherlands
Sent: zondag 17 april 2005 10:16
To: Customer Relations - SPLMB
Subject: bestaande reservering

This message has been forwarded to you by Kana.
Please reply with an answer to the question within 1 day.
Please remove these three lines before you send the message.

This was the original post

It is clear that people who design airline websites never need to use them. They invent all sorts of forms which have to be filled in completely otherwise you don't get the information you're looking for. And then you discover the information you need is not available.

Here is the situation. I flew to Barcelona with KLM. While in Barcelona my laptop failed, so I no longer had the e-mail with the e-ticket number, although I did put the KLM reservation number in my PDA. I logged onto the KLM website (using my FD password). The website would only tell me the time of the return flight. It would not tell me the e-ticket number so I could book a seat on the plane. I assume that since I had already entered a secure part of the website, that this e-ticket number is not a security threat. So why doesn't it work?

Then I made a mistake. I called the FD helpdesk in Holland. After 8 minutes they answered. Nope...they can't tell you the e-ticket number over the phone, even though they asked me 2 security questions to establish my identity. It should be called the Unhelpful Desk. Platinum Elite Status means absolutely nothing.

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