Friday, April 22, 2005

Blognomics Great Success

I'm impressed at Thursday's first event in the Netherlands to give people an overview of the phenomenon of blogging. Microsoft claims it hosts 500,000 of its webspaces (their name for blogs), whereas Ilse Media claims it hosts 90,000 of the more that 250,000 conventional blogs. Guido van Nispen (second from left) took the initiative to organise Blognomics and publish an English language guide to the blogging world. Journalist and one of the keynote speakers Peter Olsthoorn, who writes some great pieces here in the Netherlands on new media issues, is holding the first copy. Krijn Schuurman (second from right) and Adriaan Verstijnen (trying to take a photo of me) also had a lot of input into the manual. "Blognomics 2.0 - the economics and mechanics of blogging " costs Euro 118. Posted by Hello

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