Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Revenge of the Customer

Never mind aboout Egg withdrawing credit cards from UK customers, basically because they don't use them enough. Barclay's did the same to me 18th months ago. Having been a BC user since I was 18, I suddenly got a snotty, automated letter in November 2006 saying that because I hadn't used the card for 2 years, I was obviously not interested in their services. They then announced that the account was being closed in the next 30 days and that I should slice the card in two. A sort of "cease and desist" letter I suppose. The tone of the letter really annoyed me. No encouragement to rediscover their services, no "thanks for the loyalty" over most of those years. So it is with some secret pleasure I see that Barclaycard is closing down its centre in Northampton. Up to 160 people are to lose their jobs when Barclaycard closes its credit card production and statement mailing centre at Bewer House in the town. Print production will be outsourced to RR Donnelley in Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire, with mailing operations moved to Leicestershire.

Sorry, but if that's the way you reward loyalty, then it is indeed time to shutter the place.
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