Friday, February 01, 2008

citizenM Hotel - Schiphol

Originally uploaded by Jonathan Marks
Apparently this hotel chain is building its first hotel in Schiphol with more to follow in London, Barcelona, Glasgow, Berlin, Stockholm, Brussels, Milan, Copenhagen, Moscow, Paris, Istanbul, Warsaw, and Budapest to name a few. The website says, when the first hotel opens, it will be a place where luxury and budget sleep together in one big bed. A hotel with rooms you can customize. It looks like the rooms will be out of the ordinary - not sure the beds will last long if the clients take to jumping on them as in the movie. But I welcome any initiative to kill the routine in hotel rooms.

Movenpick opened a hotel on the banks of the Ij river in Amsterdam and none of the conference rooms have any natural daylight - horrible.

I will certain go along to the citizenM opening and report back. But first they have to finish the place.
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