Monday, February 17, 2014

Entrepreneurship : Advantage America?

Had some useful, constructive feedback to the post at the weekend about why I believe TED Talks are a bad influence on many European startups. Several people pointed out that Steve Blank has just made a series of 10 videos for the Kauffmann Founders School. And, I must say, the first five are excellent. They seem to be taking the narrative about the Lean Start-Up into a new phase. Well worth watching. Do check out all the resources on Steve's home page.

Other feedback pointed me in the direction of a video by Clayton Christensen about the dire state of US innovation. Prosperity seems to be the enemy of education, at least the beta-streams.

In the meantime, my friend Gerd Leonhard has released another episode of "Meeting of the Minds", a pilot video discussion series made with Ross Dawson on several topical subjects. This included the rise of European entrepreneurship.

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