Sunday, February 23, 2014

BBC World Service in 1982

This is an off-air recording made from BBC 1 in 1982 during the airing of a documentary on the work of the BBC World Service. This was in the days when transmissions came from Bush House.

Keith Bosley, the first person we see in this programme was is also an accomplished poet. In November 2013 he came out with an audio book on 12 CDs a translation of the Finnish literary classic The Kalevala.

Note the clips from Dave Lee Travis presenting A Jolly Good Show in part two.

The BBC Somali service is one of the most vital lifeline services, still operational today.

Douglas Muggeridge, the Managing Director of External Broadcasting at the time, mentions in the final part that their English lessons on television made a little money, enough to pay for the costs of production. Love the haircuts. Note (at 10'45") that Just a Minute was part of the World Service schedule. There were more feature programmes in those days.

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