Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BBC Advertising looks ironic now...

Bearing in mind what's happening in Kiev right now, the Ukraine promotional campaign which ran on BBC World News in 2011 looks rather ironic now. Curious to see whether BBC World Service can come up with similar case studies to persuade advertisers to run spots on certain BBC World Service radio outlets. 

From the BBC Advertising website.

Ukraine wanted to raise its global profile ahead of the Euro 2012 football tournament – both as a new tourist destination and as a place for investment.  BBC Advertising developed an advertising campaign that enabled Ukraine to show what an exciting and dynamic country it is.

  • Increase positive perception of Ukraine as a vibrant and diverse leisure destination
  • Showcase the country as a centre of cutting-edge industrial and scientific expertise
  • Reach the right audience – free-thinking travellers and influential business leaders
  • Complement and reinforce Ukraine’s existing All About U campaign.

Creative solution
BBC Advertising managed the creative execution of four TV commercials for Ukraine, covering culture, tourism, economy and investment.  They were all filmed on location and in line with Ukraine’s wider All About U campaign. These ads ran 4,200 times worldwide on BBC World News with over 24 million ad impressions on bbc.com alongside editorially relevant content, including during the Ukraine Direct season on TV and online - reaching an engaged audience interested in learning more about Ukraine.

The TV campaign was complemented by the following digital ad formats:
  • Banners and MPUs across bbc.com and bbc.com/travel
  • Pre-roll and behavioural targeting
  • Buyout of Ukraine Direct on bbc.com and bbc.com/travel and bbc.com/travel Ukraine destination pages. 

Key results
Once audiences were exposed to the ads on BBC World News or bbc.com, awareness of Ukraine significantly increased. Awareness was stronger on BBC platforms versus other media.

  • 86% who saw the ads on BBC World News and bbc.com were familiar with Ukraine compared to 61% having viewed Ukraine advertising elsewhere1
  • 75% who saw the ads on BBC World News and bbc.com said they would consider visiting Ukraine – 50% more than those who saw the same ads elsewhere1
  • 77% of the BBC audience said that they would recommend a visit to the country – 45% more than other audiences1

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