Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tiffany St James at LIFT11

The best advice at LIFT11 for those using social media for change did not come from the marketing gurus. They came across to me as rather arrogant "broadcasters" simply shouting their way onto Facebook and Twitter. Some are confusing those who amplify messages with those who really influence.

Tiffany St James is different. She's advised the UK government in the past on social media strategies and I think she's spotted the clever strategies and rising influencers. This has put the UK far ahead of the other European governments in building conversations or indeed the Obama Administration since the elections. Not sure if the massive cuts will maintain that lead, but I think we should acknowledge the good work done so far.

Note that Tiffany's presentation starts 5'28" into this clip which was only roughly top and tailed. The talk was given on Thursday February 3rd 2011.

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