Monday, February 21, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S-II Commercial - So bad I'm using it in class

The Galaxy S-2 may be a great phone. Except that it's not out yet for a while. So how can I believe these "letters from the world" where they seem to have been using it for ages (at least 6 months if I believe the seasons in the UK). The shots are nice. There are dubbing mistakes (I'm sure that's not Amy's voice unless old age means she speaks out of sync to here grand-daughter). There are technical mistakes; the screen won't respond if you have gloves on, so they must be using mock-ups. In short, the story is awful and pointless. My takeway from these letters is that the Samsung S-II is great if:

You are losing your memory (but can remember it is called the Galaxy S-II)
You are in a new city and think you'll get friends by showing off your mobile games
You don't have a camera.

This commercial was meant for the target market- South Korean Samsung Marketing Executives. Can't think of anyone else it would interest. Can you? Samsung hasn't bothered to read and reply to the very negative comments on the Youtube channel. Conclusion: EPIC FAIL

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