Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radio and Crowdsourcing in the aftermath of Christchurch Earthquake

From David Ricquish, longtime Media Network listener in NZ earlier today (Wednesday).

Studios of every major radio station in Christchurch are badly damaged and not accessible as buildings are unsafe and now inside an evacuated Central Business District. One AM radio mast is unstable and silent. Journalists have died in The Press newspaper building which has collapsed. Power is out to 70% of the city. Cellphone towers are down, batteries finished in most of those still standing. Crowdsourcing is giving fast unverifiable content. Magnitude 4-5 aftershocks roll across the city at roughly 20 minute intervals. Urban S&R teams are on the ground from Australia, large contingent enroute from Los Angeles, others flying from Japan & Taiwan. Singaporean military forces are on the ground helping. A national emergency has now been declared.

Impressed by the Google crisis response pages and the Ushahidi maps. I wonder if the broadcasters there have been using them like ABC did in Brisbane?

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