Monday, July 21, 2008

Wimax for Pakistan

I have been interested in this excellent article by Basharat H. Ashai. I am currently looking for examples where WiMax has been used to link broadcasting stations. Make sense in many countries, instead of satellite.

The telecommunication industry in Pakistan has witnessed some major shifts over the last couple of years with WiMAX network deployments dominating the scene. Broadband growth (through DSL, cable and FTTH) in the country has been dismal despite the fact that the services have been available for more than five years. The cost of the service is the main reason for this slow growth. For example in India, broadband service (1Mbps and 2.5GB download/upload) is available for just under US$12 per month. In Pakistan, the same package costs twice as much -- US$24 per month --making the service out-of-reach for the majority of residents. More..

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