Friday, July 11, 2008

Controversial Insight into Al Hurra

I don't care for the style of this CBS piece done together with a new organisation called Propublica. The anchor is so obviously going for the jugular you begin to pity the people being interviewed. Which they probably don't deserve. Even if only a small part is true, Al Hurra has truly slipped below the line of credibility. The problem is not so much the programming, but America's actions in the region they are trying to influences. Actions speak a lot louder than these pictures. So, from this side of the Atlantic, it seems very expensive at US$100 million a year! Of course the Broadcasting Board of Governors doesn't agree and Joaquin Blaya has responded in an equally firm tone. Propublica is pleased the BBG is now responding and has more questions. I am sure that Al Hurra's competitors are enjoying this one.

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Sami Ben Gharbia said...

thanks Jonathan for this roundup and resources. I'll blog about this in arabic