Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pirate Radio in Northern UK

Not sure whether this upload is sanctioned to Google Video, but it is the only way people outside the UK can easily access a documentary broadcast Thursday 10th July by ITV 1 Yorkshire from 10:40pm to 11:10pm. Entitled "Is It Worth It?" is looks at the activities of non-licenced radio stations presently broadcasting throughout West Yorkshire, following Leeds station Radio Frequency. These latter-day pirates have fallen foul of media regulator Ofcom for their refusal to end their transmissions. Tony Blackburn, himself a radio pirate in the 1960s, offers an insight into this type of lawbreaking, with comment from a Scarborough MP who set up his own station 40 years ago. If, and when, municipal wifi gets going, I expect these guys to eventually switch technology. Thanks to Mike Barraclough for the spot.

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