Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Popcorn Myth Buster

Seen this viral video about kids popping popcorn with their phones?

Of course this only happens in movies. The trick is done by having a modified (read dismantled) microwave oven under the table beaming upwards. You need about 600 watts of microwave energy to popcorn that fast, and a couple of watts from the phones could never do that. Seems this viral campaign comes from a bluetooth headset manufacturer Cardo, in order to scare people into thinking that mobile phones have that much radiation and they really need a headset.

That might backfire in the longrun. Seriously, a group of 20 cancer and public health specialists has launched an appeal in France to promote preacautionary measures in the use of cell phones. Elisabeth Cardis, the head of the Interphone project, has endorsed this move.

Read the whole story, with coverage from last week's Bioelectromagnetics
Society meeting in San Diego. Go to:
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