Monday, March 17, 2008

ForumOxford Mobile Meeting -April 18th 2008

Oxford University Department for Continuing Education has defintely one of the better conferences around on mobile developments. That's because it is run by passionate people who are there for the networking opportunities and a bit of fun...not one of these commercial traps that throw you into darkened rooms.

The University of Oxford's new Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel ForumOxford has been live since September 2005 and now has over 1500 members from over 80 countries. The membership is growing now at 2.3 new members per day. They have over 1500 topics and have become more active, now adding 11 new topics per week. The discussions in the topic threads have increased: on average 6.1 comments per thread (or 5.1 replies). In total there are over 6000 comments if you want to read it all, and they have added 1441 new comments over the past four months. To me, ForumOxford is like Twitter, but then only about the mobile industry,

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