Sunday, March 09, 2008

LinkedIn Laughs

Went back through the invitations I sent out at the beginning of the year through the LinkedIn network. This is very crude software because it cannot distinguish between contacts you have known for years and those you met at a conference somewhere. LinkedIn shows you those people who have read your request, but they decided they don't know you. That's happened to me. The vast majority of those people who don't know me turn out to be PR and marketing people who had me on a press list or arranged an interview. The problem for them is that I remember - and now I know they don't have a memory for faces. Wonder how long LinkedIn will last as a stand-alone operation, what with Plaxo and the like grabbing all the data out of these systems? I think this part of the 'social networking" is going wrong - and it won't be the big names like Facebook or LinkedIn that put it right. They are too busy with themselves.

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Christopher Marks said...

you should watch all the youtube videos. In Mozilla they start at the same time without me even touch them.